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Guidelines for Authors


1. The structure of the article should include: introduction (short), the purpose of the study, material and methods, results and discussion, findings or conclusions, references.

2. Each table, scheme, etc. should be provided with a header and inserted into the text of the paragraph after the first reference to it.

3. Bibliographic references in the text should be given in square brackets in accordance with the numbering in the list of references. References should be in alphabetical order.

4. Manuscripts cannot be longer than 9000 words, including tables, notes, figures and references.

5. Submissions have to include a short academic biography of the author(s), an abstract (100 – 250 words) and up to 10 keywords.

6. Please send the images as separate files (.jpg), numbered, with the corresponding number in the text of the article in the place you want it to be located. If necessary, the list of images’ titles should also be submitted as a separate file. All the tables, images, schemes etc. should be sent in the highest possible resolution.

7. The editors reserve the right to cut and edit articles.

8. Manuscripts submitted to Labyrinth cannot have already been published by any other journal, or through any other media. Manuscripts may not be under simultaneous consideration from any other journal.


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