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Peer-Review Procedure


1. All manuscripts are peer-reviewed.

2. The Editor-in-Chief defines whether the article complies with the journal targets and submission requirements. After that the paper is directed to a reviewer – an expert, PhD or Doctor of Sciences who is specialized in the same or similar discipline or field of research.

3. Reviewing has two stages:
 internal (at first  the manuscript is reviewed by at least two members of the Labyrinth Editorial Board), and   external  (afterwards  the article is reviewed by a leading scientist or an expert in the same field)

4. The Editorial Board  notifies the author about receiving his article within 7 days.

5. If the article is rejected, the Editors send a reasonable refusal to the author.

6. The article not recommended for publication cannot be reviewed again.

7. A negative review (rejection) can be sent to the author upon his written request as long as the author agrees to cover postal and other related expenses. The review can be sent by e-mail, fax or regular mail.

8. However, a positive review (approval) does not necessarily mean that the article will be published. The final decision about publication is made by the Editorial Board.

9. When the Labyrinth Editorial Board qualifies the article for publication, the administrator informs the author about the Editorial Board decision and expected publication dates. Original reviews are kept in the archives of the Journal publishing office.

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